Be constant in reading Bible

It is very important to read Bible every single day. As you read God's Word the more to you get to know Him and the more you deepen your relationship with Him.

Hey, friends it`s my first blog! In this first blog, I just wanted to encourage you to spend time with God because the more we spend time with God the more our mind will be renewing with Truth everyday!

I know what your thinking... I`ve tried reading Bible and I couldn`t stay consistent

Now let me give you some ideas to make your reading consistent:

Firstly ask Him to help you put away the distractions of tiredness, phone, tasks and trivialities.

1. Put your phone away!                                                                                                                                     Our phones are wonderful tools, but can be incredibly distracting. Leave your phone in another room while you are reading your Bible, so you aren`t tempted to check messages or scroll social media.

2. Use helpful tools.                                                                                                                                          Helpful tools can also motivate regular reading. Pens, colored pencils, commentaries and create journals.

3. Schedule it.                                                                                                                                                       Scheduling your Bible reading can seem cold. But don`t we schedule what`s important to us, like family outgoings, occasions, weddings? Our delight in people motivates this- how much our more delight in God? Schedule your Bible reading time as a divine appointment you don`t want to miss.           

4. Involve your family                                                                                                                                         When time alone with the Lord is important, family Bible reading is another eternally significant habit to form. Read a verse or passage of Scripture during dinner time.

A daily Bible reading habit will lay a foundation for our Christian life, strengthening our faith and helping us know the Lord Jesus in deeper way. 

Sarah Kuyeskar

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